Licensed Massage Therapists

Giving the gift of healing touch

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Our hours of operation are highly variable. 

Click on the Online Scheduling page or call 734-341-7535 for more information.  

Massage Rates Includes options of Cupping, Reiki, and Kinesiology taping 

30 minute massage $35

1 hour massage $65

90 minute massage $95

2 hour massage $125

Couples 1 hour massage $130

Couples 90 minute massage $190

Couples 2 hour massage $250

4 handed 1 hour massage $150

4 handed 90 minute massage $200

4 handed 2 hour massage $250

Chair Massage

$1 per minute up to 30 minutes then above rates apply

Corporate Massage

Call for rates!

Holy Fire Reiki Rates

Reiki can be performed exclusively or combined with massage sessions.  Massage rates apply.

Biomat Rates

Free - use of the biomat during a massage is optional and included in the massage rates.  

$1 per minute - use of just the biomat, without massage; includes a serene calming atmosphere with the use of diffused essential oils to aid in your relaxation and recovery 

Class Rates

Pediatric Massage Class (on site) $25 per caregiver

At this class you are encouraged to bring your child(ren) and learn how to give them the gift of massage.  We teach you how to give massage by demonstrating on our own child, doll, or stuffed animal.  This helps build your relationship with your child in a way they are more comfortable with.  

Pediatric Massage Class (off site) Call for price

We will come to your house or event and teach the same as if you were to come to us.  Please call for rates and availability.