Licensed Massage Therapists

Giving the gift of healing touch

Listed below are some of the different modalities of bodywork we offer and a brief description of each... 

Myofascial Release - application of sustained pressure targeting the connective tissues of the body in order to aid in the restoration of movement and pain relief.

Neuromuscular Therapy - precise, targeted technique used to relieve pain, prevent injuries, and improve performance

Swedish Massage - one of the best known massage techniques, used to relax the body

Cupping - therapy that uses negative pressure, instead of tissue compression, to treat a wide array of health disorders

Kinesiology Taping - used to aid in such things as pain relief, reduce swelling and inflammation, faster recovery of overused muscles, faster recovery from bruising, etc

Sports Massage - used with those participating in athletic events to prepare the body for the event, maintain optimal performance, and assist in recovery from injuries and workouts

Pediatric Massage - intended to promote health and well-being in children and adolescents; reducing pain, anxiety, fear, etc, while promoting parent/child bonding.

Massage for Special Populations - massage for those who are vulnerable due to a stage of life or ailment that requires adaptations.

Prenatal Massage - massage that addresses the special need of expectant mothers relieving pain, increasing joint and muscle function, relieving fatigue, increasing body tone.

Reflexology - bodywork based on the theory that there is a system of nerves that run from the head, through the body, and end in the feet, hands, and ears.

Reiki - energy healing technique that uses the natural energy in the world around you to help you relax and aid your body's own ability to heal itself.